When it comes to the internet...

It's not about who you know, it's about who knows you!

Online Branding is the proces of marketing your business with the goal of building your reputation and ensuring confidence in the eyes of your customers. There are four major benefits to building a strong online presence:

  1. Convenience - A strong online presence allows your business to be open twenty-four hours a day. Whether your customers are browsing products and services, looking at your portfolio, or placing orders through your ecommerce site, your business never closes! All of this while avoiding overtime pay and additional employees!
  2. Customer Reach - Are you a local business owner looking to expand your customer base? Open your business to the world through an online store. Allow customers to browse your products and services and place orders online at their convenience. When you receive the order and payment, package the items, and drop them in the mail!
  3. Personalization & Cost - Your online presence can be personalized to fit your business at an affordable price. Forget about billboards, magazines, television ads, and radio ads! Your personalized online billboard is your website! Customers can easily navigate to your domain name right from their personal computer or mobile device. Customers can now browse through your products, services, daily specials, and business information without you enduring outrageous advertising expenses.
  4. Social Media - Social media is word of mouth advertising of the 21st century. With a simple click of a button your customers can comment on products and services and instantly share their experience with all of their friends! Facebook alone has over 1.4 Billion users worldwide with nearly 50% of their users logging in on a daily basis. If you add in Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and all of the other social media networks, the numbers are unbelievable. Without a social media presence you are missing out on connecting with all of these potential customers.